Australia, Sydney   Winter 2003
Australian Scenes
Julie Talbot (front, centre, white shirt) and her cheerful Monday morning dance class.
"I think we've got a good routine going here, Julie"!!
Carl Sullivan and his energetic Monday evening Hornsby gang!
"Carl, are you sure we are supposed to  hold this move for the next 32 counts?"!!
Roslie Mackay (front, 3rd from the left) and her friendly Tuesday evening dancers with the kookaburra peering over their shoulders.
I think they're laughing because I was attempting a "No Worries" Australian accent!
Lots of fun to dance next to on the dancefloor!! -- Robyn Groot and Martin Richie.
Kelvin Dale (back, red and orange shirt) and his lively bunch of dancers.

Young dancers in Kelvin's class -- (Paul Snooke, left)
Kelvin keeps his class movin'!
Noel Bradey and Michael Vera Lobos have just returned from their UK tour.

Below -- Michael with his Saturday morning class.
Sydney Opera House
Concentration as dancers try to remember the dances they learnt during the week!

Jenny & John below try to make sure noone sits out at their dance.
Joining the beginners at the Yallah Woolshed.
You can't help but have fun if you go dancing with David Hoyn and Denise Reynolds at the Yallah Woolshed.
Impressive young instructor Joshua Talbot (back, centre) with his supportive dancers.