Workshop/Dinner/Dance, Toronto, October 25, 03
Some of the dancers who came to play and let the good times roll ...!
If Fred says "Clap your hands", that's what we're gonna do!

But at the same time let's follow Eddie's feet!
Rob McKean reckons "'It's All Your Fault' if you're on the wrong foot."!!!
This is serious stuff ..... trust me!
This is called the "Stand Still for 32 Counts and Meditate" line dance!
Why do dancers always turn around when they see me with my camera?  I think instructor Marlene Maskell from Peterborough wanted me to see her smart 'Coyote Cave' waistcoast!
Bill and Jill Hay tell the couples to just follow the floor design and they'll soon have a great pattern!
"Whatever you do, don't put glue on your fingers or you'll never get out of this hold" Jim and Linda Booth warn the couples.
"First she puts her finger in the air and then it looks like she's going to pick something up from the floor.  What kind of line dance is this?" puzzle the dancers!.
"We'd rather be dancin' in line than standin' in line.  Hope this meal is worth it!"
Looks like the desserts are going fast!
It was a wonderful honour to have Peggy Byrson, 100 years young, join us for the meal.  What a good omen for our workshop.  Thanks so much Peggy.
And thanks also to all those fun loving dancers who joined Fred, Eddie, Sue, Rob, Bill & Jill, Jim & Linda  and I to 'Let the Good Times Roll ...'.
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