While the cars raced around just outside, we kept the floor movin' inside!Our hard working hosts Andy and Peggy Williams with a delightful addition, their young son NicholasJust follow this magnetic sign to Jamie's Line Dance class or contact her to order your own sign!Our Canadian Contingent always has fun together!You guys sure know  how to point your toes with attitude, just like me!Fred Buckley and I had a good time teaching with Jamie who kept us laughing the whole time and the delightful Amy Christian.  Welcome to North America Amy!There was even some zumba action!Many thanks to our hosts who raised $3999 for St. Jude's.  $1000 of that was donated by Andy's employer and the rest by charitable line dancers.

and to raise some much needed funds for
St, Jude's Children's Hospital
Michigan, 08

It's always a pleasure to dance with the friendly line dancers from Michigan.  We also had a great time at the Diamondback Saloon on the Friday night with resident instructors Erline, Phyllis and guest instructor for the evening, Jamie Marshall.