Thanks so much to everyone who came from far and wide to attend ‘Let The Good Times Roll ....’. They were a terrific crowd of dancers, full of fun and enthusiasm. They were also very generous and $500 was raised for the ALS Society (aka Lou Gehrig’s Disease), One dancer won a complimentary pass to The Spring Workshop.  For the 50/50, one happy dancer went home with $182.50 and the other $182.50 is going to ‘The Children’s Wish Foundation of Ontario’. Many thanks to Valarie Keller for donating a complimentary pass for Dancin’ For Miracles 2016 as a second prize for the 50/50.

​We start the workshop at mid-day although Fred already had the dancers on the floor warming up before our first instructor, Gloria Pividor Kirchner took over the stage.   Gloria is a well known instructor in Newmarket and has also written a number of dances herself.   A clear, humourous instructor, her teaching and choice of dances set the right tone for the afternoon.

Fred and I followed, first with a dance written specifically for our event and then an AB dance and another I had just written.  New choreography terms were explained to the dances, 'Whizz Along The Line'.  This new information was taken verrrrrry seriously!!   Zandra McCallum took on the intermediate challenge with 'Cliche Love Song', a very hot dance at the moment and the dancers had a terrific time with it.   Great job by Zandra.

Our last instructor was our 'Blast From the Past'.  This is a bit tricky in that the dance has to be one that many of the dancers will recognize but at the same time it has to be easy enough that newer dancers will pick it up quickly.   Rhoda Lam had the perfect choice 'Speak To The Sky' and did an excellent job of teaching it in under 15 minutes with everyone staying on the floor.

A break for our meal, cooked and served by the Legion Ladies who do this on a volunteer basis, the money raised goes to the Legion.   This year we had pies made by a speciality butcher in Port Perry.  Dancers have always been very positive about the meals but this year had to be the best, comments like "the pastry melted in my mouth", "there was so much meat in the pie", "it was so tasty", "it was baking hot" and so on, I didn't receive one negative comment.   So pies it will be again in 2016!!

We had a dance list that was published on this website and Fred's months before the event so the dance floor was almost always full.  Later in the evening Fred included some requests as well.  So we will continue with the dance play list.

We really appreciated the dancers who have consistently supported this event and would also like to thank those dancers who took a chance on us and came this year, there were quite a few new smiling faces!  

And, of course, our thanks to our friends who are always there to help.   Donna Marino was my right hand woman this year and did an amazing job, many thanks to Dale and Caroline who came early with the baskets and to help, to Amina, Chris, to Rita taking photos and to everyone else who pitched in.   We really value our friends.

The following dances were taught:

 Empty Pockets, Michael Barr & Michele Burton
 Good Times, Gloria

 Cliché Love Song, Jo Thompson Szymanski, John Robinson & Guyton Mundy

Rhoda: (Blast From the Past)
 Speak to the Sky, Keith Davies

Fred: (Event Dance)
 Our Somebody, Fred & Vivienne  - Step Sheet/Video

 On The Right Track (AB)   - Step Sheet/Video
 Besito - Step Sheet/Video
 Love Her For A While  -- Step Sheet/Video