After a year’s hiatus, this past weekend dancers were eager to head to the 2005 Jamboree organized by Linda Francey.  The event was held in the newly renovated Thornhill Community Centre.  Smooth wooden floors and thick room dividers were the dancers’ delight and Linda was happy to greet nearly 200 dancers for the workshop during the day (175) and  the evening dance (25 more).

Local instructors are the stars of this event and it’s a great opportunity for dancers to find out about the local talent.  There is a choice of two rooms and classes start at 10, a break from 12:30-1:30 and back again until 5:30.   We are very fortunate in Ontario to have a choice of line dance classes from beginner to advanced, from focus on country to hip hop and ballroom style.  There is something for everyone.   This event brought a similar mix of dances to the fore.  It is also a good opportunity to catch up on the news with dancers you haven’t seen for a while and there were lots of happy greetings in the hall and plenty of smiles!

You need to check out the photo album to see the instructors who taught and I have listed the dances they presented below.  Suffice to say, we were fortunate to be taught by a long list of capable, competent and enthusiastic instructors.   As I said, we are extremely lucky in the calibre of instruction we have in Ontario.  Teaching line dancing is a time consuming occupation.  Dancers usually only see their instructors during class time; they often don’t realize the hours spent before the instructor reaches the class, sifting through dances and music before finally making the decision on what to teach.  Let alone learn the dance!  The instructor then has to chase up the music, make sure all the right equipment is at hand and working properly, and often review older dances in case they are requested.  It is hours of work with not a great deal of reward except for the pleasure of keeping their students happy.   I would like to thank these instructors for their dedication and commitment to a dance form that brings us so much enjoyment and at the same time helps towards keeping us fit and healthy. 

But, back to the event!   After a full day, in the evening the dancers initially gathered in the main ballroom dancing old favourites and testing out their short term memories as instructors led on the dance they taught during the day.  Robert Fielder moved the action along in this room.  A little later in the evening, Fred Buckley took to the controls in the second room and the floor was packed for a varied blend of music and dance.   It allowed a wide choice as dancers moved from room to room until their feet gave way at midnight!!

This was a low key, very pleasant event.  Linda has organized many events and puts great effort into trying to ensure that the dancers have a good time.  Many, many thanks to her for revitalizing the Jamboree and bringing back such fun line dance action for Southern Ontario.

Alphabetical Order (Instructor/Dance):

Jill Baker:  Irish Stew
Dianne Bishop:  Triple J
Fred Buckley: Let It Roll, Let It Ride/Some People/El Tehano
Michele Carver:  Mildred My Friend/Home
Marilynne Delurey:  Tarzan and Jane/What's A Guy gotta Do
Robert Fielder:  A Lusty Appetite
Linda Francey:  Down Deep
Val Keller:  The Ants Dance
Lewis Lee:  When You’re Around
Carmen Mah:  You Can Dance/I’m Movin On
Marlene Maskell:  Beer Goggles/La Tumbladora
Zandra McCallum:  Out of Bounds/Shout
Anita McNab:  My Spanish Waltz/Go Hank Go/Absolutely
Cathy Montgomery:  No Quitter/Oh What a Rush/
Jailhouse Rock - King Creole
Shirley Robinson:  You Are The One
Vivienne Scott:  Just 4U/Good To Me
Yvonne Tam:  Eruption
Monica Wilson:  Press Play
Emily Woo:  Boogalu



Line Dance Craze, Thornhill, Ontario