Dance 'til You Drop!
Thornhill, Ontario Sept. 06
It was that time of the year again, the leaves were beginning to change colour; the grass still green with the Fall rain, the air was cooler which was just perfect for dancing.   Yes, it was time for the Line Dance Craze Jamboree in Thornhill (just north of Toronto) organized and hosted by the capable Linda Francey.    This event attracted nearly 200 dancers who came to learn from instructors who traveled from across Ontario.  We have an excellent mix of instructors here in Ontario who teach all levels of line dance to all kinds of music so there is an instructor for everyone!   The Jamboree is held in one of the most attractive Community Centres I have been in.  It feels like a huge smart hotel when you walk in the door, bright and airy.   There is a massive ballroom with a wonderful wooden floor – no need for talcum powder here!!  During the day, the ballroom was divided into three line dancing rooms, one for intermediate/advanced level dances and the other for beginner/easy intermediate dances.  A third line dance room was used for beginner dances in the morning and couples’ instruction in the afternoon and there was a good number of couples who turned out.  Each room had a DJ responsible for equipment and sound which was great; it really helps to have pros at the controls!  Linda had registration well organized and dancers were quickly able to pick up their packages and get on the dance floor.

I should introduce you to the line dance instructors – I’ll go in alphabetical order.  First off was popular local instructor Fred Buckley, always fun to be around, who was also DJ in one of the Line dance rooms and for one of the evening dances, so he was a busy man that day but was ably helped out by wife Eddie.  A warm, friendly individual, Bunny Burton traveled in from east of the city.   Experienced instructor, Michel Carver has a loyal following and always teaches good dances that appeal to everyone.  She drove in from Guelph but Michele is no stranger to the city as she also teaches in Markham a couple of times a week.    Frank Cooper, a talented choreographer, came quite a distance from London, Ontario and dancers were happy to see him.   Well known DJ/Instructor Robert Fielder took a break from his DJ responsiblities for both the line dance room and evening dance to put on his experienced instructor hat to teach good dances to both line and couples.   Energetic and spirited Jennie Johns had a long four hour trip from Windsor to teach at the event and was well received by the dancers.    The much admired event director of ‘Dancin’ for Miracles’ came all the way from Niagara Falls.   Val Keller is always fun to have at any event.    Meanwhile, Donna Laurin took the highway to travel down from Wyebridge.     A very capable instructor, Donna, is well liked in the Ontario line dance community.    Deb Levesque came from Brantford and taught line, and also couples together with Mike Bishop, who had his DJ hat on as well.  They are a popular, warm and friendly couple. 

Graceful Kip Lo taught with rhythm and flair to a full class of very happy dancers.  Local instructor, Carmen Mah is a busy experienced instructor who chooses good dances to teach and she had full classes.   The Event Director of the popular event, ‘The North "Rocks" for Charity’ in Sudbury, Anita McNab is always on the road to other events and her commitment to line dancing is much appreciated.  Enthusiastic and lively Abby Mina kept the energy level up high along with a large number of his smiling dancers who kept the line dance floor full.   A very pleasant and patient local instructor, Christine Mui, attracted many dancers to her classes. One half of ‘Double Trouble’, the extremely popular instructor duo from Nashville North, Cathy Montgomery  is an entertaining instructor and also a talented choreographer.  Sauble Beach is quite a distance but that didn’t stop Pal Pallas traveling down to instruct both line and also couples with husband Joe.   Pat is a dedicated instructor and obviously loves dancing as she rarely gets off the dance floor!    Yvonne Tam is a very familiar face with the dancers.  She always knows the latest dances and is willing to lead any of the dances on the floor.  A very pleasant instructor, Monica Wilson wore two hats teaching both line and also couples with Robert Fielder.   In addition, friendly local couples’ instructors Bill & Jill Hay taught a partner dance to appreciative dancers.  I also had the opportunity to teach and had patient welcoming dancers in my classes.

During the evening dancers had two choices – Robert Fielder kept one ballroom active and full of dancers while Fred Buckley kept the other room lively with both couples and line dancers.

I should note that Linda Francey, despite her onerous duties as Event Director, also taught during the day.  Linda seemed to be everywhere always with a smile on her face.  She did an excellent job of organizing this event and the date is already set for next year. So put the date down on your calendar, Saturday, September 22, and, as the Event t-shirts direct ... get ready to ‘Dust Off Your Boots’!

Dances taught:

Fred Buckley
Makin; Whoopee

Bunny Burton
Cab Driver
Rock A Bye Baby Blues
Fly Me To The Moon
Juke Joint Jumpin’ (mixer)

Michele Carver
Next To Me
Da Buzz
My Greek No. 1

Frank Cooper
Crown Royal

Robert Fielder
Pumpin’ For Love

Linda Francey
Shadows On The Wall
South of Sante Fe

Jennie Johns
Smiley Faces

Val Keller
San Antonio Stroll
Steppin’ Stone Cha
Wanna Be With You
Walking Backwards

Donna Laurin
One More Cha
Holding Back The Ocean

Deb Levesque
Drunken Responsibility

Carmen Mah
Come Into My World
Just a Matter of Time

Anita McNab
Doin’ It In Dixie
Good Ride Ledoux

Abby Mina
Bachata Shake
Baila Salsa Tonight

Cathy Montgomery
Walla Walla Bing Bang
Bumpin & a Swingin’

Christine Mui
Simple Waltz
I Know You Know

Kip Lo
Cha-Cha My Love

Pat Pallas
Feel The Magic

Vivienne Scott
Long Gone!
Dance Zone

Yvonne Tam

Monica Wilson
Mr. Pinstriple