International LD Instructor/Choreographer 
Last updated on: 4 April, 2022

Vivienne Scott

*I have enjoyed writing profiles & articles for Linedancer over the years but the magazine has stopped publication.  As of 2016 I will cover any interesting individuals or line dance stories on my facebook page so do check it out.

Profiles, Articles and Stories from our Line Dance World

There  are many people involved in line dancing.  We have dancers, instructors, choreographers, Event Organizers, DJs and musicians, all who have a role to play to keep our wonderful world of line dancing thriving, happy and full of fun.  I like learning about people and thought that you might as well.  So I started writing profiles from the world of line dance.  I believe everyone has a story to tell.  Do read about our dear Peggy Bryson who was the World's Oldest Line Dancer and read about some talented Canadian country artists such as George Canyon, The Higgins, Sean Hogan, Jake Mathews Jason McCoy and Lisa Brokop.   Plus do check out the story of Joyce Jones, a Champion Senior Tennis Player who is also a line dance enthusiast and twice winner of the Humanitarian Award, Valarie  Keller from Ontario.  

I've also tried my hand at short stories based on our line dancing world and was honoured to have 'A Line To The Outside World' nominated for an Award in New Zealand.  You can read how Annie confronts her fears to go on to success or have a chuckle with 'Solid Gold ...  How To Be The Worst Line Dance Band Ever to Appear at Wittington Church Hall'.   Also keep a hanky ready and be prepared to smile at the same time as you read about Itsy Bitsy, The Little Lonely Miracle.