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LD CLASS UPDATE:    Do send me info on any new classes or class corrections needed and I will update the Dance Class Details page  accordingly.    EMAIL ME

Thank you and keep well everyone.


What a wonderful workshop we had thanks to the amazing Simon and Maddison.   Many thanks to all the dancers who joined us.   

This was the last year for this Workshop & I want to thank everyone who helped with the running of the event, it would not have happened without you.  

Special thanks to Tammy and Cynthia.   Also to all the dancers who made it so amazing and left such kind messages.  As well as celebrating the last Spring Workshop it was also a special birthday for me, thank you so very much for the birthday gifts.  Check out photos and report on the website and the FB page.
Dancin' For Miracles  I have had lots of fun teaching at this terrific  event.   Check out my Report and photos here.  

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Last updated on: 31 May, 2024

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Many thanks to everyone who still dances and teaches my choreography, so nice to hear from you.  I recently received emails about 'Coco Loco',  'Her Memory' and an Instruction/Demo Video of 'Gaslighter' from France. 

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ALL I EVER DO  Imp/Easy Int   Great country track by Ryan Griffin

BETWIXT  Beg/Imp  Reached Copperknob top 10.  

LEAN ON ME  Imp co-written with Tammy Wyatt, Chantelle Richards & Rachel Bazuin  Reached Copperknob top 20.  

 GASLIGHTER   Beg/Imp co-written with Fred Buckley  This quickly moved to the Copperknob top 10.  

 NEVER GROWING UP  Imp co-written with Simon Ward & Maddison Glover   Reached No. 3 on  Copperknob.  
LET U BE RIGHT  Beg/Imp  Terrific track by Meghan Trainor.  Reached No. 13 on the Copperknob.  

LEFT IN THE DARK  Beg  Reached No. 2 in the Linedancer Beg Chart & 15 in top 50 overall   www.linedancerweb.com  SS/Videos HERE

SOLO AMOR  Easy Int  Written by Rob Fowler, Vivienne Scott, JP Madge & Fred Buckley.  Reached NUMBER ONE on Copperknob & Linedancerweb charts.     

SEND HER MY LOVE  Reached No. 14 on Copperknob.   

**CLICK HERE FOR ALL MY DANCE STEP SHEETS AND VIDEOS**    Email me if you can't find the music or have a step sheet query.
Vivienne Scott

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Updated on: May 31, 2024
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